GlobalNPD are specialists in new product development and marketing, focusing on digital disruption to clinical service delivery and other areas of tech. Through investment, our work prioritises a core of markets covering the UK, GCC, Canada, South Africa, and the Far East.


We are passionate about innovative frontier technologies, in a world evolving to embrace the ‘new normal’. Our collective vision is based on the ethos that no one is left behind as we work together to create an even playing field, no matter where you are.

We believe that such technologies present an opportunity to improve product and service delivery, which in turn have the impact to profoundly benefit populations worldwide through supporting an increase in system level improvements across various sectors.

The highly accurate technologies accelerate the transformation of unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones as well as empower individuals and businesses to become more efficient and independent.



GlobalNPD is your distributor for SonoMask in the UK.


Backed by Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry, Professor Sidney Altman, these masks are proven to be over 90% effective against COVID-19 and EU certified labs have found that it kills 99.9999% of viruses.


Masks worn by Premier League 4th officials


We have various sizes including for children.

For more information see our SonoMask portal.


Please contact us for custom quotes.


Our team consists of healthcare consultants and clinicians. We market new, proven and cutting-edge medical devices, as well as pharmaceutical innovations. We currently represent companies involved in AI and vital signs monitoring.


Through our extensive network built from time spent in the steel industry and commodity trading we currently represent new construction safety equipment.


With our extensive network and experience, our capabilities reach beyond the sectors which we have mentioned. Please contact us for our latest portfolio and to see how we can help.


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