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How exactly do Zinc Oxide nanoparticles inactivate the virus?

The soundwave technology permanently embeds metallic-oxide nanoparticles into fabric fibers. These nanoparticles produce positive charges that oxidize bacteria and fungi through a chemical reaction, disabling their stability and leading to their degradation. Because this is a non-specific mechanism and does not involve specific binding sites, research shows that this process applies to viruses. This has undergone testing with COVID-19 in Austrian, Chinese, and Israeli labs as well as others

When was this technology launched?

Sonovia’s journey began in 2013 focussing on reducing hospital acquired infections leading to them being awarded an EU grant in 2019.

Sonovia launched SonoMask in March of 2020 applying their tried and tested technology to the production of face coverings. Large quantities were gratefully received by hospitals in Israel, Germany, and non-profit charity organisations. 

What is the mask made of?

The mask is made of GSM high woven polycotton blend (80% cotton, 20% polymer), coated with our antiviral technology.

How does the SonoMask compare to other masks?

Our mask inactivates viruses on contact whereas filtration masks such as the N95 only filter the virus. The N95 mask is a rating for dust filtration only and is not stipulated for antiviral protection. Our metal-oxide infused masks have a particle filtration above 98% of particles down to 5 microns and last over 1 year. Please be aware the main route of infection is through infected aerosol droplets. The SonoMask not only filters these particles but deactivates the viruses and bacteria on the mask.

Are the nanoparticles toxic if inhaled?

There is no harm from the product. Zinc is already stipulated as food and cosmetic grade in its elemental form. Moreover, the Zinc oxide nanoparticles are too big to enter cells via inhalation to cause any detrimental effect. Since Zinc oxide nanopar ticles are harmless to normal body cells up to a concentration of 100 μg/ml and that the cavitation technology permanently embeds nanoparticles into the textile fibres, there would not be any sort of harmful or toxic effect.

When do I replace my mask?

SonoMask will last for 100 washes. If washed once a week, it will last 2 years.

Can I see some scientific evidence that the mask works?

Sonovia’s technology was tested at one of the top international labs according to ISO/IEC 17025, and proven to be over 90% effective against COVID-19. Additionally, they tested the technology in EU certified labs per ISO 18184 and found that it kills 99.9999% of viruses similar to COVID-19. The technology has been affirmed by independent laboratory bodies to retain its antimicrobial activities against bacteria and fungi. This demonstrates that Sonovia is providing the public with the highest level of anti-viral protection. Please note we do not guarantee that you will not contract COVID-19.

Do you offer discounts for large order quantities?

Yes. A Single mask is 30 GBP plus VAT. 5 masks are 25GBP each plus VAT. For orders greater than 10 masks please request a custom quote.

Can the technology be used beyond masks?

Yes. Because of the flexible application of the technology, it can be used for both PPE, clothing and other fabric-related applications, in both clinical and non-clinical settings. The technology makes textiles anti-microbial, odour and stain proof, crease-resistant, UV protected, fire retardant, and electrically conductive.

How environmentally friendly is the mask?

Aside from the mask’s reusability, the zinc oxide nanoparticles are produced by sustainable methods. The technology eliminates the need for chemical binders that are harmful to the environment, and coloured dyes can be applied to the fabric at a significantly lower energy cost.

What are the benefits of purchasing from you rather than Sonovia?

We are authorised resellers for Sonovia, focusing on the B2B market and as such are priced accordingly and VAT registered. As we are UK based there are no import duties.

When will my mask arrive?

We aim to dispatch your masks within 7 days. There may be delays due to COVID-19.

How do I wash my mask?

We recommend a gentle machine-wash or hand wash in warm soapy water. We do not recommend using bleach or softeners on the fabric. Mild detergent may be used.

Are we able to print our logo on the masks?

Yes, for orders of 50 and above please contact us.

How do I order black masks?

Please click on the mask tiles for small medium and large. There is a colour option for black.

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